A lot of people used the COVID-19 quarantine last year to spruce up their living space. For some people, this meant trying some cool new DIY tricks around the house. For others, it meant changing what their garden looks like. If you weren’t one of those people, there’s no time like today to get started on transforming your garden.


If you’re lucky enough to have a house with a garden, you should have a little fun with it. Some ways in which you can switch up your garden is by getting new outdoor garden furniture, repainting your pots, or fixing some new lights around the place. Doing these things will add some much-needed magic to your wilting garden and give you something to call your summer project.


However, if you’re short on ideas, don’t worry because we’re here to help. Here are the ten best ways to transform your garden. So, let’s dive in!

The Best Ways To Transform Your Garden

Your garden is a multi-purpose place. You can sit there to relax after a long day at work, your kids can play around in that space, and you can even host some candle-lit parties there too. However, you can only do these things if your garden looks like the cozy havens you sometimes see on television. 


So, how can you transform your garden? We’ve got the scoop for you.


1. Invest In Some Garden Furniture

The best thing that you can do to brighten up your space is to invest in some outdoor garden furniture sets. While most people shy away from using these because they think the outside air will cause them to fade, dry up or break, that’s not strictly true.

Like this Bahamas Rattan 3 Seater Outdoor Sofa Set that we’ve had our eye on, adding some swanky pieces of garden furniture will make your outdoor space look pretty and will give you some space to sit on while you sip a cup of tea by yourself or enjoy a cheese board with your friends.

Like luxury rattan garden furniture or stylish metal garden pieces, most such pieces do not get damaged after being exposed to rain or dust. They’re also easy to clean and maintain while adding a charming touch to your garden. Win-win, right?

In addition, they’re quite useful for families who wish to socialise in the fresh air or parents who wish to watch their young children as they play.

Bahamas Rattan 3 Seater Outdoor Sofa Set - 5-Seater - Whitewash Grey

2. Touch Up Your Pots And Planters

A wonderful way to make your garden look great is by retouching your pots and planters. If they’re looking a little dull after being exposed to the sun, paint them some bright colours or decorate them. There are plenty of ideas online related to decorating your old pots and planters with things you can find around the house. 


Alternatively, invest in some quality terracotta pots to add a new dimension to your garden. These pots will last you a lifetime and look gorgeous when placed in the green backdrop of your garden. 


You can even place some along with your patio and around your garden furniture to add a cozy touch.


3. Get Some Wall Planters

Now, this is something that almost everyone is doing with their gardens. Since most suburban homes do not have huge gardens, most people economise their living space by adding wall planters. You can spruce up your plant collection by adding colourful seasonal flowers to the planters or even some cute vegetables like cherry tomatoes.


Doing so will ensure that your garden and your home look picture-perfect. They’ll be especially useful if you grow produce in them because you’ll have a sized-down organic farm right on your garden wall!


If you have neutral garden walls, paint the wall planters in vibrant colours to stand out. Next time you have a mini photoshoot in your garden to show off your new dress, the planters in the background will make your pictures look like something out of a magazine. 


4. Modify Your Fence

If you have those old, white fences with vertical pickets like everyone else, it’s time to consider a change. With so many options on the market, you don’t have to make do with the same boring fence that you’ve always had. It’s also a great investment to make if you’re serious about sprucing up your garden because fences last quite a long time, and the only modification they need is a spray of paint every once in a while.


A quick surf on the internet will show that many people use garden fences to brighten their garden. Whether it is metal fences, wood fences, or plastic ones, most people make sure that their colours and themes complement their outdoor garden furniture sets. 

5. Add Some Trendy Lights

Gone are the days when you had to worry about your electricity bill because most people install solar-powered lights in their garden now. You’ll find these lights in a variety of different shapes and sizes that will immediately transform your garden space. 


They’re also useful for sitting around in the garden after dark and making your garden look like something out of a fairy tale.


Most decorated gardens have a string of trendy lights hanging over them that illuminate the space and add a more rustic touch to the whole thing. 


6. Take Advantage Of Your Garden Path

Most people have dusty garden paths that they do not pay any attention too. However, garden paths can become an asset to your garden if you spend some time modifying them. 


First off, make sure that your garden path is visible. Secondly, add something like gravel or install stones in it to make it look neater.


You can also add some flower pots or planters along the sides of the path to spruce up the area. An additional benefit of placing pots along the garden path is that anyone taking a walk along the winding garden path will be able to smell your flowers and appreciate their fragrance.


7. Install Some Garden Parasols

Many people enjoy being outdoors but do not like the sun. If you’re one of those people, adding a parasol like Grey 3m Square Rotating 360 Degree Cantilever Parasol in your garden is the best thing for you. You’ll be able to enjoy the sights and the smell of the garden without being exposed to the pesky sun.


You’re in luck, too, because garden parasols are an inexpensive garden accessory. They also last quite long, so you don’t have to worry about reinstalling them every season.


You can already picture yourself hosting a barbecue with your friends and family sitting under the garden parasols, don’t you?


8. Add A Water Spot

This garden transformation trip is really popular right now. Whether you’re into birdbaths or ponds, you can easily create one yourself in the corner of your garden or get a professional to do it. It won’t be very harsh on your pockets, and the sparkling water will create a terrific backdrop for your outdoor garden furniture and plants.


It will also attract some chirping birds, frogs, and dragonflies to your garden, something that will liven up your space by quite a bit. We’re sure your kids will love this suggestion most of all!


9. Get Some Climbers

Your garden will begin to look charming if you add some climbers to them. You can decorate your trellis, windows, or garden fence with them. Climbers such as Wisteria Sinensis and morning glory grow very rapidly, so if you were looking for a quick fix this summer, we’ve got just the thing for you!


Climbers come in a wide range of species, so you can choose whichever kind you like. In addition, they also provide shade when grown over a horizontal trellis. So, you can get functionality and great aesthetic qualities all in one? Yes, you can.


10. Create An Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re a fan of barbecues and flipping burgers out in the garden, an outdoor kitchen is a good idea for you. It is a relatively inexpensive way to add a sophisticated touch to your garden. It also has a huge payoff in terms of usefulness, as you can use this garden for anything messy that you don’t want to do in your indoor kitchen. 


Like a garden shed, you can undertake quite a range of new projects if you have an outdoor kitchen. If you add a chic table to it and some cute kitchen accessories, your DIY outdoor project will be quite a success among your family and neighbours. We look forward to seeing the snaps of outdoor kitchens online!


When remodelling your garden, you should make it a well-decorated, well-lit space that gives you a sense of comfort and security. You can transform your garden by adding some new outdoor garden furniture, new light fixtures, and planters, among other things. 


Revamping your garden is a time-consuming thing. If you wish to undertake it, you should do so by having an appropriate timeline and an estimate of all the costs associated with the venture.


Shoe in your kids to help you with some DIY tasks, and you’ve successfully busied them in a useful task for the entire summer. 


So, are you ready to jazz up your garden yet? 



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