Here are a few suggestions to think about when you plan your garden:

How do I create the illusion of space?

Firstly, you need to clearly define the space within your garden. Probably the best advice, one that is often overlooked, is that when you have limited space you need to clearly define it in order to make the most of it and to ensure that your (small) garden will not give away a feeling of clutter. As crazy as it may sound, creating different functional areas in a small garden can actually make it look bigger.

There are different ways you can do this:

  - Use flowers and plants to divide different areas within your garden. - Use different materials for flooring to visually create different spaces. Play around with tiles and gravel or wood flooring in complimentary shades. This is also a great way to give your garden a minimal feel! - Create a focal point of interest. This can be a small pound or any type of garden art. The garden is the extension of your home so it needs the same care and attention when it comes to decorating it. - Another way to make your garden appear bigger is by using the power of perspectives. Play with clean lines to make it appear larger. Choose fences or garden gates with clean lines or vertical lines to create the impression of space. - Last, but not least, when working with a limited or small space the key to creating a beautiful and functional garden is simplicity. Big planters offer you the advantage of having a beautiful green garden while saving up that precious space. Bespoke planters are a excellent way to ensure you will get your dream garden as you can chose the dimensions, materials and colours that are ideal for your garden.

Bspoke Design supply a variety of Large Planters, Troughs, Window Boxes in different materials: stainless steel, aluminium, zinc, galvanised powder coated. For more information or advice from our team of experts please visit:

What furniture do I choose for small gardens?

Outdoor rattan furniture sets are also a beautiful way to create different functional areas in your garden. Opt for practical, versatile sets that can be easily stored away when not in use. Contrary to popular belief, if you use a lot of small pieces of furniture in the garden you only create the feeling of clutter. Instead, choose a limited number of (bigger) and multifunctional outdoor furniture items. The key here is to create balance so choosing the right size of furniture, not too big but certainly not small!

Also, try to find items that can be moved around easily. When you have a small garden a good tip is to always make minor changes and create new spaces so that you never get bored of it. We offer a carefully selected range of rattan garden furniture including rattan sofa sets, dining sets and modular outdoor rattan furniture. Our four piece sofa sets are ideal for any small garden as they comfortably sit 4 people but do not take too much (of precious) garden space.

What colours work in small gardens?

Bold colours are ideal for small spaces as they easily distract attention from other general characteristics (in this case the lack of space). They also make a powerful statement about the general design and allow you to express your personality. The simplest way to achieve an elegant garden is to choose a colour scheme throughout your entire garden (this includes garden furniture, accessories, plants and other spaces such as fences or walls). The hardest part is actually sticking to it as there are so many beautiful plants and accessories in a variety of colours! Try to bear in mind your chosen colour scheme whenever purchasing new accessories for your garden.

  Bright colours can also be used in darker corners of the gardens or spaces as they can create the appearance of light. Exception: bold dark colours when used behind greenery and plants create the illusion of depth making your garden look endless.

Another interesting way you can spruce up your garden is by using a bold colour on one of your walls or fencing.

What plants should I use in small gardens?

Another key to creating the illusion of space is through layering and there are a variety of plants that can help you achieve this. Use medium and/or tall shrubs along your fence and other walls to add dimension and height to your surroundings.

Alternatively, vertical gardens are a modern and exciting alternative to traditional gardens and illustrate how creative people can get when space is limited. The easiest way to create your own is to use several hanging pots along a fence or wall, especially with climber and creeper plants. This will create the illusion of height and will also add interest to you garden. More complex vertical gardens need a bit of planning and preparation in advance. There are plenty of do-it-yourself articles and videos out there or you can always consult a specialist for more advice.

Small garden ideas – Summary:

- Create different functional areas in your garden by using plants, planters, outdoor furniture and garden art. - Go bold! Use bold colours to express your personality and add interest to your garden. - Go vertical! If you don’t have enough space for your plants, make use of the free vertical space on your walls and fences. Use hanging pots or more complex structures to achieve a modern, elegant garden.


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