Peace of mind warranty

1. 5, 3 & 2 Year Structural Warranty 

The 5, 3 and 2 year warranty is available on range on a selected range of featureDECO products. We ensure all quality control procedures are met prior to shipment from our factories in the far east and as direct importers of the furniture, we have full control over our furniture. The furniture is designed in the UK and sourced in the far east from a supplier with whom we have worked with for over 15 years to bring to you are unique collection of rattan furniture.

This confidence in our products means we can offer a 5, 3 or 2 year structural warranty on the frames of the outdoor furniture, covering both manufacturing and/or material defects. This is offered to the original purchaser only; guaranteeing a replacement, repair or refund in accordance with our terms*. In addition to this featureDECO also offer a 2 year warranty against defects on the covering material such as the synthetic weave, rope and any wooden element of the furniture.

Please note, outdoor cushions bought directly from featureDECO are advertised as shower proof; they are not intended to be stored outside.

Our warranties are only valid for the UK mainland, from the date of purchase, to the original purchaser only and may be subject to our terms. Our warranties do not cover the normal wear and tear of furniture, or any damages that arise due to misuse, negligence, mildew disclouration, or incorrect assembly.

Please note acacia components of the furniture is suitable for outdoor conditions. When exposed to the elements, it will naturally distress as the wood expands and weathers. This will not affect the structural strength of the table as acacia is resistant to rotting. This guarantee does not cover any deterioration due to the usual weathering process such as fading, cracking and splitting of the wood products. As surface has been pre-treated to form an aged look and not vanished or sealed, the natural wood elements with start the form as soon as it is exposed. We highly recommend to seal or stain the wooden elements prior to use.

General wear and tear such as marks on cushions, natural weathering of wooden element, scratches to the glass, worn feet, cushion sagging and rattan unravelling over time is not covered in the warranty. 

The glass supplied is tempered and will shatter on impact. To prevent accidental damage, do not place very hold, very cold on the glass. Avoid impact with sharp objects. We advise customers to use a placemat to avoid scratches. Glass has good scratch properties, however please do drag across the surface as porcelain, cerarmic and metal are harder than glass.

The cushions are designed for outdoor use and have a special coating to make them showproof. While fading is inevitable with all fabrics, if they are used direct sunlight, care must be taken to reduce the effect of fading. We recommend turn cushions on a regular basis. This way the furniture will fade more evenly and the effect is diminished. We recommend an extra set of cushions or covering the set with a throw when not in use. Always store cushions where there is no direct sunlight. The warranty for cushions is not covered if the set is used indoors as the cushions have been designed for occassional outdoor use.

The warranty does not gas firepit burner, cover plastic fittings, assemble items, coatings and addtional items in a set such as the parasol, parasol base, cushions, garden covers or scatter cushions. These are covered by the standard 12 months warranty.  Glasstops are not covered under the warranty. The warranty will apply to the defective unit only and not the whole set. 

featureDECO holds the right to reject any claim resulting from adverse weather damage, i.e. a storm or damage resulting from a natural disaster

Unless otherwise stated at your point of order, featureDECO will not offer a warranty to a customer who reports damages as a result of our furniture used in commercial, instutional environments (i.e. delivered to a business address), or from any damages caused from solvents as a result of cleaning the furniture. .

*Please note: The warranty is intended to cover the original purchaser only and is not transferable. A valid claim will be accepted if the customer produces their original invoice as proof of purchase.


2. 12 Months Warranty 

The warranty applies to the original purchaser from the date of purchase and covers manufacturing faults and defects only. If an item should fail as a result of a manufacturing fault or defect under normal domestic use, the manufacturer at thier discretion will repair, refinish or replace the failed item.

The manufacturer reserves the right to substitute failed items with a similar product should the model or colour no longer be available. Any replacement will be for the failed item only not a complete set. The original warranty period is not extended in the event of a repair, refinish or replacements.

In the event of a failure, it is the customer's responsibility to return the item to the store of purchase along with a copy of the receipt. featureDECO will confirm that we have a completed warranty card from the customer, completed at the time of purchase for warranty to have been registered. Warranty specifically excludes general wear and tear, rusting of steel components and parts, corrosion, commercial use (i.e. the furniture set is delivered to a business address) and damage caused as a result of failure to observe reasonable care, maintenance and assembly instructions for both furniture and hardware.

featureDECO hold the right to reject any claim resulting from adverse weather damage, i.e. a storm.

Please note that you will have to pay £75 including VAT (seventy-five pounds) claim charge if you wish to make a warranty claim after 6 months use. If the Product is defective, then any repair or replacement will be covered by our usual warranty.

3. Warranty for products purchased prior to 2016

Garden Furniture products purchased before the 2016 have the following warranty terms.

2005 to 2012 - 12 months warranty

2013 to 2015 - 2 Years Warranty

*Please note: The warranty is intended to cover the original purchaser only and is not transferable. A valid claim will be accepted if the customer produces their original invoice as proof of purchase. Clearance or ex-displays are not covered under warranty.

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