We design out Rattan Sofa Sets using the best materials that allow for our garden furniture to last for many years to come. When the sun does come out for us, we like to relax and do a bit of gardening or some sun bathing to top up our tans (this then saves us some money as we don’t need to buy the fake tan). Our Rattan Sofa Sets allow for you to sit comfortably for long periods of time. Compliment this with one of our free standing cantilever parasols and you will be able to sit comfortably in a bit of shade sipping a nice cool drink listening to the ice cubes knock on the sides of the glass and listening to the birds tweet their bird songs. When choosing a Rattan Sofa Set, make sure you select something that compliments your garden. You don’t want something that is way out there that will overpower your garden and take away some of the attention of other portions of your garden. The same thing goes for colour. If you have a very colourful garden, you may want to tone it down with a cool cold colour such as our Natural Rattan Sofa Sets. On the other hand, you may want to go with a dark colour that will move some of the attention away from all the colours and put a bit of focus on a more unused area in your garden. Don’t forget that different sized sofa sets will give you different outcomes. For example, if you have a really big garden you can afford to get a nice large Rounded Corner Rattan Sofa Set which will give more seating positions and will be much more comfortable. The problem is that if you have a small garden and pop down a large Rattan Sofa Set not only will it take up to much valuable space, but it will make you garden look even smaller so going for a smaller classic 4 piece Rattan Sofa Set would suit your garden much better. Either way, it’s all about planning and making sure that your Rattan Sofa Set compliments its surroundings.


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