About Us

About Us
DECO Outdoor Living and Lifestyle

Our mission is to transform your outdoor living space into a gorgeous safe haven with the same level of comfort you would find inside the home.

featureDECO was formed with a simple, yet ambitious vision in mind. We wanted to help you transform your outdoor space into something much more homely. A garden shouldn’t be a separate space to the rest of your house. It should be an extension of your home. A safe space where you can relax and destress from the troubles of the day.

Be inspired.That’s our mantra. A bold statement to remind us to always innovate and always push the boundaries of what outdoor furniture can be.

Our Ethos: By always remaining steady on the pulse of emerging manufacturing technology, we like to bring only the most cutting edge in garden decor. Combine that with an expert team of artisans and you’ve truly got something special. Better yet, add a stellar level of service on top of all this and you get DECO. A brand entirely committed to bringing our clients and unforgettable experience every time.

featureDECO, who are we?

The DECO story began in early 2005. During our travels we started getting the creative juices flowing. Using our strong engineering abilities we started making show ornaments which we would sell online. After receiving nothing but great feedback and interest, it was clear we were on to something here. In fact, we couldn’t even keep up with the demand. And so featureDECO was BORN. An innovative, forward-thinking furniture brand that puts the customer first.

featureDECO has since gone from strength to strength. We’re a well established brand within the DECO group of companies. With our prime focus on outdoor living and lifestyle. We are one of the first companies in the UK to truly tap into the need for indoor-outdoor living pieces and have a rich history in design, engineering and the technical side of the business

The featureDECO Brand encapsulates the forefront of creativity, innovation and carefully thought out British design. Our designers not only comprise home grown talent, but also talent from the far fetched corners of the Globe, to add that tropical touch and influence. They work closely with our artisans and manufacturers in south east Asia as well as our manufacturers in the UK to bring the beautifully hand crafted and meticulously woven multifunctional alfresco sets to life. We love what we do and this shows as the featureDECO range simply cannot be rivalled in design, price, quality and service.

What is the DECO Experience?

Think back to some of your happiest memories. They may just well be playing outside as a kid for hours on end. We wanted to help bring back this potent feeling by crafting products that will transform your garden into an almost holiday destination. The kind of place you don’t want to leave and can enjoy effortlessly with family and friends.

By helping you turn your garden into a paradise, our goal is to bring all those good feelings back to you. To provide boundless joy to our customers through the creation of garden accessories that truly do make your life that little bit better. From lazy days to social events, we endeavour to help you create unforgettable memories in your new home away from home.

Imagine what that would feel like to have a garden you’re proud to call your own. The sun's shining. people are laughing. Your kids are playing freely. It’s a paradise. We wanted to do more than provide garden decor. In fact we wanted to do more than just bring happiness to our clients. We’re in the memory making business and pride ourselves in providing a priceless experience to our customers that they can cherish forever. We will continue to work tirelessly to make this happen.

Our Garden Furniture Pieces

Our Rattan Furniture pieces perfectly embody what we’re all about. Elegant yet simple. Meticulously designed yet functional. We pay immense attention to detail and will always go above and beyond to provide an outdoor experience that pushes boundaries and brings you joy for years to come. Every part of our design process is done with boundless passion for providing the best garden experience possible. We always consider the costs whilst still not skimping out quality, ensuring the materials and colors hit the mark of being functional and affordable but not intrusive. Subtle statement pieces that will make your garden stylish and comfortable.

Rope garden furniture, aluminum, rope and rattan. All of our timeless pieces are designed by an expert team of British designers. Our rope and rattan pieces are woven meticulously by South East Asian Artisans. The look of them is truly spellbinding, as we infuse subtle yet impactful colours into every design. Then we have our aluminum furniture which is crafted using metal fabrication techniques. They are easy to clean, maintain and are multi-functional. Perfect for any setting imaginable. Our goal is to bring the comfort of inside living to the outdoors. All the while providing a competitive level of service that can’t be found anywhere else. We’re an entirely customer-focused brand and will always go that extra mile to ensure our clients are satisfied. We’re so convinced you’ll be beyond happy with our service we offer a simple, immediate returns system. Not to mention a warranty on all of our products.

Eco friendly, lightweight and fit-for-purpose. Everything we create is done so with boundless passion for what we do. Our pieces are compact and easy to implement in your garden. Minimal set-up is required. Simply choose one of our elegantly simple selection products from our store and begin transforming your garden today. Each product is carefully tested before dispatch, so you can rest easy knowing your only getting top quality pieces from us. Our dedicated team will always work hard to satisfy your needs and guide you towards the best solution to your problem in our wide selection of gorgeous goods

We genuinely care and are passionate about what we do, with an uncompromised service that puts you first.

We hope you enjoy the DECO experience.