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It's not very often that our customers aren't happy with their purchase, but very occasionally, it happens. You can shop at featureDECO with confidence knowing that we have 14-days returns policy.

You may be able to return an item purchased through from featureDECO website, for any reason (including if you have simply changed your mind), within 14 days of receipt. This is providing that the product is returned in an unused condition and on its original packaging.

In order to return your purchase, you must notify us in writing via email preferably within 48 hours of delivery, to ensure that we can handle your returns as efficiently as possible.

Please note, that there is a collection cost or returns fee for this service as it is the customers' responsibility to cover the return charge for the goods if they are unwanted. Alternatively, you can arrange to send back your purchase using your own courier.

Please see below the initial examples of collections charges:

Per Parcel: £15+
Bistro, Small Sofa Set, Medium Size Sofa Set or 6 seater dining set: £50~£75+
Large Dining Set, Large Sofa Set: £75~125+
Pergolas: Please send an email for quotation. We recommend, prior to placing an order, that you inquire about our return policy for pergolas. 

For the Scottish Mainland and any other offshore locations, including the Isle of Wight, additional charges may incur.


We are not able to accept returns on orders placed in the showroom.


If an item or goods received faulty or damaged, but you wish to keep or exchange your set, please contact us for our full procedure in such circumstances.
On some rare occasions, items may become damaged in transit due to distance, loading and unloading or storage box issues. We kindly ask our customer(s) to please contact our Customer Service Support Team within 48 hours of receiving delivery or as soon as possible so that we can take action to organise alternative available replacements we could send out to you.

At featureDECO, we genuinely care about your convenience and want to spare you unnecessary trouble. Therefore, we highly advise against attempting to assemble any goods that you suspect may be or have already reported broken or faulty. By refraining from assembly, you can avoid the inconvenience of disassembling and reassembling the product. We kindly request your understanding in this matter.

featureDECO cannot be held liable for any additional surcharges you may have paid to outsource someone else to assemble the goods on your behalf. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and want to ensure a friendly and empathetic resolution.

It is essential for us to emphasize that returning the faulty unit in its original packaging is crucial to initiate the replacement process, as per our terms and conditions. We genuinely appreciate your understanding and cooperation in following this procedure. Here are a few reasons why we recommend not attempting to assemble or use any product that has been reported as faulty:

  1. Safety Precautions: Your safety is our top priority. Assembling a broken or faulty item can potentially lead to accidents or injuries. By avoiding assembly, you can minimize any risks associated with using a defective product.

  2. Warranty Coverage: Returning the faulty unit in its original packaging allows us to quickly identify and verify the reported issue. This ensures that the problem falls under the terms of our warranty, enabling us to promptly provide you with a replacement. By adhering to this process, we aim to resolve the situation efficiently and hassle-free.

We want to emphasize the importance of returning any faulty units with their original packaging, particularly as we are utilizing third-party couriers. Please take note of the following information, as it plays a crucial role in ensuring a smooth and efficient resolution:

At featureDECO, we understand that issues may arise with our products, and we are committed to addressing them promptly. Returning the faulty units in their original packaging is of utmost importance for several reasons, especially when using third-party couriers. Here's why we strongly recommend this practice:

  1. Protection during Transit: The original packaging provides the optimal level of protection for the item during transit. It is designed to safeguard the product from any additional potential damage that may occur during transportation, especially when handled by external courier services. By returning the faulty unit in its original packaging, you help minimize the risk of further damage during transit, ensuring a smoother claims process.

  2. Verification of Condition: The original packaging assists in verifying the condition of the returned item. It provides essential information about the product's original state, including any signs of mishandling or external damage. This enables us to differentiate between transit-related issues and pre-existing faults, ensuring a fair assessment and appropriate resolution.

  3. Claims and Insurance: When working with third-party couriers, adhering to their specific guidelines for returns is crucial. They often require the original packaging to process claims and insurance. By complying with these requirements and returning the faulty unit with its packaging, we can expedite the claims process and work collaboratively with the courier to resolve the situation effectively.

By following these guidelines and returning the faulty unit with its original packaging, you significantly contribute to a smoother resolution process, reducing any potential delays or complications.

We kindly request and appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering this matter to these guidelines.

Please ensure you provide evidence/images on how you received the pallet or goods showing all defects that are visible at this stage. We request to take a photo of the overall product and a close up where the issue has occured. This will then help us quickly identify and resolve the issue that has risen.

Once we have received and acquired all necessary information from the customer, we will endeavour to source and send out a replacement set or part as quickly as possible. In most instances, we aim to resolve such issues within 3-5 working days. However, some parts may need to be manufactured specially and shipped from overseas. This process can take from 6-13+ weeks, but we will always endeavour to go above and beyond to provide an excellent service, to your satisfaction. Subsequent, once provided available replacement sets or parts are ready for dispatch prior to inspection, we will contact the customer again to arrange a suitable delivery date or collection.

Unless featureDECO requests that the faulty goods be returned for inspection, it will be the responsibility of the customer to dispose of any faulty components. Should there be any required professional assessment or a more technical installation needed, we are more than happy to assist our customers on how to go about with this.


If you wish to cancel your order with us, you must write to us via email as soon as possible. We are afraid that telephone cancellations cannot be accepted. Refunds will be made within 3-5 days of your order being received.

If goods are shipped out and in transit, there will be a cancellation fee and this will vary according to the items that are shipped out. Please contact us for more information.


We kindly ask all customers to retain packaging materials as our couriers will not accept goods without packaging as they cannot be insured in transit.

Your product can only be returned in the country it was purchased.

Replacements are only valid for featureDECO customers within England, Wales and Scotland.

If goods are returned in a condition that would indicate customer's misuse or product negligence, or product could not be classed as new, unused and in the condition in which it was delivered, featureDECO reserves the right to refuse or deduct any amount from the refund to cover any losses incurred.

If customers decide to use our third-party courier please confirm through email and we will request a quotation for you.

You are entitled to return your order if you so wish, provided that you exercise your right no longer than 14 days after the day on which you receive the goods or services.

Should customers decide to return the goods to us using outsourced or own courier arranged by the customer, any damage that will be incurred during transport to return this, featureDECO reserves the right to charge for the cost of further damages to the product.

All delivery and collections are only offered during a weekday, Monday-Friday, excluding bank holidays or national holidays. Delivered to or Collected from your front drive or curbside. Any items being collected must be ready all packaged up, otherwise, the driver will refuse collection if items are without packaging.

featureDECO cannot accept returns for items that have been specially made for you, such as bespoke orders that have been modified from standard specifications specifically for you.  

Timescales - 5-10 working days for small items, 7-14 working days for large furniture items.

We understand that buying a piece of garden furniture is an important investment for our customers. And should there be any further enquiries that you might need answering please do not hesitate to contact our Customer Service Team to help assist with your queries.

Any additional delivery surcharges paid to deliver your items during or after the purchase was made will not be reimbursed since this is an optional delivery upgraded service you have selected to have your goods delivered for an additional service fee.