Outdoor Garden Furniture

featureDECO proudly presents you with outdoor furniture sets made from exquisite materials that are harder to come by at conventional stores and furniture places. We use everything from sleek powdered coated aluminium to hand crafted rattan and from rope weaves to reinforced steel for added layer of security and comfort to the outdoor garden furniture.

Our team of engineers and safety experts over the years have redefined and recalibrated multiple materials used for the production of outdoor furniture sets so that it is build to last. You can find all sorts of exquisiteness shopping from us. Are you after a subtle look? Go for the aluminium build variety as it gives a pretty decent look while being weather friendly. ...

Want to have a bit more class and texture in your outdoor space? How about you exclusively shop the rattan induced furniture as it gives a more radiant texture and a more intimate contemporary look that increases the aesthetical profile of your outdoor area. From simple garden furniture to lush patio garden furniture everything that we produce is moulded with perfection to last you not years but decades.

Rattan Garden Furniture; You would find our exclusive rattan garden furniture in a variety of designs ranging from contemporary to classic and from comfy to hands down trendy. It doesn’t matter what kind of theme your outdoor space has you can incorporate a range of furniture items from featureDECO to install any specific design statement to your outdoor space.

Rope garden furniture; The classic emblem of texture and strength is what you get to see with our diverse range of rope garden furniture. It only requires minimal maintenance and no special care whatsoever which means that it can be left outside to bask in the sun or battle harsh weather conditions all year long.

The design and execution of the style is not only robust but in line with the modern furniture sets being used in fancy hotel’s patio and outdoor spaces along with some of it ending up over a luxury yacht too. So, you know that you are making a sound investment going for the most in-trend furniture setting for your outdoor space.

In a hurry? Check our Xpress delivery on selected products

If waiting for your furniture isn’t on the cards, we can offer you next day express delivery within mainland UK on selected items.

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