Garden Furniture Buying Guide

Buying Guide

When choosing garden furniture or any form of outdoor or patio furniture it is very important to choose the right set from the onset. Here at featureDECO, we aim to not only advise you of the right choice of garden Furniture but also make sure the outdoor furniture you choose is right for you.

Garden furniture has evolved over the years and now we have a range of different types of materials used in outdoor furniture sets ranging from outdoor synthetic rattan to synthetic PE rope. These are used to create modern and classics in a range of weaves. Aluminium garden furniture also features in our range which has a modern contemporary look and feel which is in line with the minimal design trend. The materials are highly durable, all-weather, low maintenance material that will look good throughout every season, year after year.

Why Choose featureDECO Rattan Garden Furniture?

An example of the Manchester Rattan Sofa Set


Invest in Quality

Highly Durable all-weather UV stabilised 100% PE rattan - The best outdoor synthetic material and the recommended grade for hot and cold climates. PE rattan is eco-friend as it is fully recyclable, unlike PVC and PU.

Thick Rattan Fibres

We only utilise high-quality thick rattan fibres for our furniture which is almost 3-5 times the weight of low-grade rattan. Our products are made with a combination of rattan fibres such as 6mm half-moon round, 12mm extra-wide flat, 14mm extra-wide flat and 10mm half-moon round chunky rattan. 5mm Round weave for trim details.

Hand-woven and Texture

The rattan we use has a variety of different colour tones to give an authentic feel.

Aluminium Powder Coated Frames

The aluminium frames we use on the furniture do not rust and combined with powder coating, the frames are well protected for long term use. Aluminium is dearer than steel as a raw material which also reflects on the overall price of the product.

Steel Powder Coated Frames

On some limited ranges, we offer a powder-coated steel frame. This is a cost-effective option but we do not compromise on the quality of the powder coating applied in this process. It follows a strict, 3 stage powder coating process that involved cleaning the steel, pre-treatment and a durable powder coating layer.

Minimal Assembly

A majority of our ranges do not require any assembly on the sofas or chairs along the sections of the furniture. This gives a more aesthetic pleasing finish. Our tables require light assembly.

Adjustable Feet

Most of our furniture is equipped with adjustable feet on sofa sets and chairs which is ideal for uneven patio surfaces.

Showerproof Cushions

The fabrics we use are 230g to 250g polyester and they have a more luxurious feel and good durability compared to lower grades of fabric. The cushions either have a mixed colour weave or a ribbed pattern on the fabric. Polyester fabric is suitable for outdoor use and the coating provides a showerproof layer to protect again light rain. Typically, the material is stitched over quality high-density foam filler cushion.

Extra Comfort Cushions

Our cushions use a foam and filler mix. The foam is sandwiched between the filler material which provides extra comfort. If the pure foam is used, the cushions tend to be either very hard or very soft depending on the density of the foam.

In House Designs

We do not believe in cutting costs to compromise on quality as we believe in supplying an excellent standard that looks the part and is long-lasting.

Our furniture manufactured with high-quality standards. featureDECO has been supplying outdoor furniture for over 17 years. We import, warehouse and deliver direct to you. No garden centres, wholesalers or middlemen.

It is possible to save up to 60% by changing features such as the framework material (from aluminium to steel), rattan material (PE to PU or PVC), construction (Seamless to Seamed flat-pack), design features (thinner arms, backs, open sections), cushion quality (from 230g to 180g), etc.

At featureDECO, we pride ourselves in the quality that we provide and we believe we have the best value garden furniture on the market.