Rattan Cube Sets

When choosing your outdoor furniture you may want to opt for something that is little to no maintenance. Rattan Cube sets are perfect for dinner parties as you can sit comfortably between 6 -10 people depending on the set you purchase.

Rattan Cube Set

They are also extremely practical:  if you just want to sit back and relax, all you need to do is store the dining table away and you’re left with a beautiful rattan sofa set. You can use the footstools either as a coffee table or to put your fit up and relax!

Another advantage of our rattan cube sets is that they are extremely easy to store away. All you need to do is fit the footstools under the sofas or armchairs, and then slide everything together under the table. And voila, the ‘cube’ appears!

The Rattan cube furniture set is a good choice especially if you want a dining set for your garden or patio but do not have a lot of storage space. It is practical in a conservatory as well as it does not take up a lot of space when you are not using it.  

Both our Versatility Rattan Cube Set and Woburn Rattan Cube Set come in the Sofa set version and the Chair version. 


Rattan Colours - Natural / Brown / BlackColour range

When shopping around for the perfect set, we would recommend carefully choosing the colour so it that goes with your floor décor or any walls or wall art you may have.

When it comes to colours, we have noticed that it can cause some interesting debates as to what colour to actually choose. On one hand you want the furniture to stand out and be a garden feature but on the other hand you also want something that is out there and interesting.

This is where colours can make or break the style of your garden.

To make things that much easier for our customers, we only have a select assortment of colours to choose from. Our colour combinations come from many years of listening to customers and following trends.

Our Rattan garden furniture range comes in a variety of elegant colours: Natural, Mixed Brown, and Black. 

The next thing to take into consideration is the colour of the cushions. As standard, our rattan sets come fixed with either a taupe/grey colour cushion for the Natural and Mixed Brown and then the for the Black rattan sets, we use the Charcoal Black cushions.

We have found that these are the main combinations that people have had over the years.

However, for the dedicated customers that know exactly what they want, we offer a made to order service which we can get other cushion colours made to suit your needs.



We take great care when it comes to attention to detail when we design our rattan garden furniture ranges and we constantly research and update our design to keep up with the latest trends.

We have also started new ones!

Our sleek lines will make them the centre of attention in your garden and the envy of your neighbours.

We believe that outdoor furniture should be both practical and visually exciting. Aside from its practicality, the rattan furniture cube concept is designed to add an edgy dimension to your garden or a modern twist to any conservatory.

It would fit perfectly in a minimal garden landscape or it would create a clear geometrical shape that adds dimension in a traditional garden space. 



All of our rattan garden furniture sets are hand-woven around an aluminium frame.

Rattan Materials MaterialsThe 12 mm thick PE Rattan offers a natural look and feel to your set without you having to worry about caring and maintaining it as you would do other types of outdoor furniture. The rattan is all weather proof and UV resistant.

We use PE (Polyethylene) Rattan for many reasons. One of the main reasons is due to the durability of the material composition which will last much longer than other materials such as PU (Polyurethane) Rattan and PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) Rattan.

The aluminium frame makes it robust while keeping it light enough for you to be able move it around and redesign your garden space as often as you wish.

By using an aluminium frame, it gives the end user peace of mind that it is not going to rust so that it will stand the test of time. We would highly recommend staying away from a steel frame construction as this material is prone to rust when left outdoors open to the elements.

More information on this can be found in our Rattan Buyers Guide.