There are so many wonderful and easy ways you can put your personal touch and create your dream garden by using the right lighting. Plan ahead what areas you use the most and where you need more light so that you can use your preferred lighting system in the most efficient and practical manner. You can use illuminations to draw attention to your favourite garden features, for example to soften the edges of your house or enhance its architecture, to guide people through your garden by using illuminated paths or to draw attention to the garden landscape or any art you may have on display. There are various ways to light your garden and highlight its features depending on how you envisage the perfect garden. Here are a few options to think about:

Traditional lighting

Never underestimate the classics! With a bit of inspiration - which you can easily find browsing the internet or flickering through magazines - and a bit of planning you can master the lighting techniques to completely transform your garden. For instance, if you enjoy dining alfresco in the evenings on your rattan garden furniture dining set you need good lighting above your dining table. If you use your rattan garden furniture sofa set just for lounging and relaxing then you might want to consider warmer dim lights to create the perfect atmosphere. If the classical white look isn’t for you, why not give it a personal twist? Hang up fairy lights or coloured illuminations in the trees or on your patio to create a fun atmosphere. Let your imagination run wild and completely transform your garden when dawn comes.

Solar lights

Nowadays solar lights come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit every budget and taste. They are practical, economical and environmentally friendly as they soak up the sunlight during the day and then light up at night. They are perfect for spring and summer as there is plenty of sunlight during the day to fill them up. Solar lights are ideal for highlighting the features of your garden and also for creating a relaxed atmosphere perfect for lounging and chatting on your rattan garden furniture sofa set. Source1 Source2  


Candles are perfect for creating a romantic atmosphere. Be it a late alfresco dinner with your loved one or just an evening or relaxation, candles provide a natural and warm light. It is best to choose big outdoor candles that have lanterns to protect them from the wind. You can also buy scented candles for a multi-sensorial experience. Candles do take a bit more time to be lit up and then put out but the effort is definitely worth it as they will completely transform your garden into a enchanted place. Now just imagine you get home from work one day to find a lovely candlelit al-fresco dinner all set up on your rattan garden furniture dining set … it’s worth the investment, isn’t it?

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Fire Pits

A popular among garden accessories, the fire pit will quickly become the centre of attention when the evening comes. They are incredibly practical as they provide a warm glow whilst also keeping you warm during those late nights or even during chilly autumn evenings. They go extremely well with any type of rattan garden furniture sofa set. There are a variety of fire pits available on the market to complement any garden landscape or patio design. Here’s our personal favourite:   For more inspiration, check our Pinterest account or Facebook page!  


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