General information on care and planting

Before filling any container with compost, it is essential to place crocks - that is any irregular pieces of slate, roof tile, broken pot etc. at the base of the pot. This permits free drainage. Do not use shingle products as these can eventually form a root bound mat that prevents water escaping.

Zinc Products

The lightweight zinc products are best lined with polythene or butyl rubber before planting. This will prevent corrosion from the inside. Zinc can tarnish. This can be prevented by wiping periodically with a cloth soaked with boiled linseed oil.

Palm Tree Pots

Palm tree pots that are sited outside are best rubbed down twice a year with a lint free cloth soaked in teak oil.


To maintain the sleek finish of the black pots you may occasionally wipe them over with a light coating of boiled linseed oil, wiping off the excess after half an hour.

Terracotta products

Our terracotta products are hand made, fired to a high temperature and are frost proof. The weathering process will give this product a natural patina which is pleasing to many. However if the terracotta is sited in dense shade or under trees a green or black staining may occur. This does not affect the integrity of the pot, and can be scrubbed clean. A light application of highly diluted bleach to the external surface of the pot discourages this marking.


The stone is soft and porous, its surface containing many pores which will weather and take on a green mossy appearance if left outside to the elements.  To reduce the effects of weathering or discoloration of the sculpture it should be cleaned with a very mild bleach solution and then coated with a stone sealer such as creoseal or similar. 

The sculpture arrives in a packed wooden crate, when positioning the sculpture in the garden please ensure that it is placed in a well drained spot, i.e on gravel or on a plinth.  Never place a sculpture directly on the lawn or soil as it will stop moisture draining from the piece which could result in damage to your sculpture.

Other Products

Our other products generally require no maintenance at all, beyond the occasional wipe over with a damp cloth to remove splash up.

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