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Rattan Modular Sets

We get asked a lot, what are modular sets?

Put simply, Modular means that the set is made up of different, individual units. This offers you the freedom of arranging the individual units to complement and make the most out of the space you have available.

Rattan corner modular sofa sets are the best solution to make the most of the space you have and a brilliant way to spruce up any corner in your garden or define different areas within it. Outdoor Rattan Modular sets are perfect for those who love to always re-decorate their garden or conservatory as they give you the opportunity to move around and arrange the units in any way you want and need. Modular garden sets also give you the opportunity to expand your set in the future if you need another seating area, foot stool or maybe even another corner so that you could make two smaller modular sofa sets instead of a large corner one.

Here is our range of Rattan Modular Sofa Sets for you to browse through to look at the different arrangements that we offer. Or let your imagination run wild and let us know what other arrangement you would like and we will try our best to accommodate your needs.

Our modular sets are made out of top quality 12mm PE rattan and a guaranteed Rust Free Aluminium Frame that makes them highly durable and weather proof.

We have detailed some of our more popular Modular Sofa Sets below which should help give you an insight into this type of furniture.


Rattan Corner Sofa Manchester 7 Piece Sofa Daybed Set

Manchester 7pc Modular Sofa SetThe Manchester 7 piece Rattan Modular Furniture Set is extremely versatile and allows you to create many different arrangements. It can be used as a corner sofa to enhance your space and its modular nature allows you choose which side you want or need to be longer.

Alternatively, you can create two opposite settees or re-arrange the units and create a daybed ideal for relaxing and soaking in the sun!

The possibilities are endless especially if you add extra units into the mix to make a fantastic style to suit your home.

The ottoman also has a dual use as it can either be used as a small coffee table or as a footstool (glass and cushion included).

One of the party pieces that the Manchester Modular Set has to offer is the footstool/coffee table unit. When using it as a footstool, you can turn this Rattan Modular Set into a sleek Rattan Daybed for maximum comfort to the end users.

Units Included with set:

3 Corner Units

3 Side Units

1 Ottoman/Coffee Table




Manchester Rattan Modular Corner Garden 5PC Sofa Set

Manchester 5pc Sofa SetThe Manchester 5pc sofa set is the smaller brother of our popular larger 7pc version. This smaller version came about because the demand for a small modular sofa set was high. This smaller version also hits a price point for our customers who don’t want a classic sofa set but didn’t have the room for the larger set.

The modern and clever design of the Manchester Rattan Modular Corner Garden 5PC Sofa Set makes it the perfect rattan furniture set to fit any space and an extremely popular model.

Enjoy this elegant rattan garden furniture modular all year round. Its timeless design will fit perfectly in your garden over the summer and can be easily transferred into your conservatory during colder winter months. It is a prime example of how practical and versatile modular sofa sets are!


Units included with set:

2 Corner Units

1 Side Unit,

1 Ottoman

1 Coffee table with a shelf





Brantwood Corner Round 5 Piece Modular Sofa Set

Brantwood Corner Sofa SetBrantwood rattan corner sofa setBrantwood Corner Sofa SetRelax in style with our Brantwood Round 5 Piece Corner Modular Sofa Set as its round corner gives it a unique look and makes it more comfortable to sit on giving you more seating space. This amazing rattan garden furniture sofa set can easily sit 8 people.

The Brantwood Corner Modular Sofa Set is extremely practical as it can be used in different arrangements. You can either use it as a corner sofa set as the name implies, or create smaller, 2 seater sofa arrangements for more dynamic conversations.

The actual corner unit is different in design to most other modular sofa sets that you will come across. Instead of this unit being square in design, it is actually curved and is actually usable and comfortable to sit on.

Also, due to the back rest being round in design it allows for additional storage behind the sofa or even for you to add a plant or lamp or something to that effect.

Units included with this set

1 Luxury Round back corner unit,

2 Long Chaise units,

1 Ottoman and a Coffee table with a shelf




Rattan Corner Sofa Ascot - Modular Daybed

Ascot modular daybed setThe Ascot Corner Modular Rattan set is designed especially for relaxing and lounging.  The seating area is wider and deeper than our other rattan furniture sets making it more comfortable (if that is even possible!).

You can make different arrangements out the units depending on your plans for the day. You can either use is as a corner sofa, create different smaller seating arrangements or one big and fun daybed.

The Ascot Modular Daybed set is one of our more luxurious hard wearing rattan garden furniture sets that we offer. One of the main features of this set is the actual weave that is being used.

This set uses our chunky half moon weave. What this means is that the weave is actually round in design compared to a flat strand of weave that is featured on the furniture set listed above such as the Manchester modular set.

By using this chunky weave, it gives the sensation that the weave is the real thing. This type of weave is also thicker which in turn makes it very sturdy.

Units Included with set

2 Corner Units

3 Side Units

1 Ottoman/Coffee Table

1 Armchair (Optional extra)