So, summer is now over (not like we had much sun this year anyway) and it is getting cold and the days are getting shorter. The last thing that you want to worry about is arranging to put your garden furniture away for the winter. Maybe you simply cover the furniture up with a cover and hope for the best or maybe you have an elaborate way in which you rearrange your shed/garage in such a way that the furniture neatly tucks away into a lonely corner to be deprived of sunlight, either way it can be a bit of hassle and time consuming. Often, garden furniture such as wooden furniture, aluminium furniture and even the resin plastic furniture is subject to structural issues when left outdoors in our ferocious weather and the last thing that you want to do is take off that garden furniture cover or to pull the furniture from the shed only to find that the wooden table has cracked or that something has gone rusty. This means that the first thing that you will need to do when the spring arrives is maintain and repair your furniture so that it looks brand new. In comes our ultra Modern Rattan Garden Furniture which is not only good looking, but it is extremely hard wearing for outdoor use. When it comes to the cold wintery days you can rest assured that the outdoor rattan furniture can simply sit outside in whatever weather we have to offer. But that is not the best thing, no, when it comes back into the spring season, when that first week of sun arrives (fingers crossed), you can simply get a hose pipe or a pressure washer and a brush, then remove any leaf’s, dirt, grim and anything else that may have found refuge on your furniture. Once this has been done and has dried, it will reveal your Modern Rattan Garden Furniture as if was brand new. That is the beauty of the Synthetic Rattan and that is why it is very popular around the world. What to do with cushions and accessories When it comes to cushions and accessories it is important to make sure that they have sufficient protection during the cold and damp conditions that the outdoors has to offer. For example, although the cushions sometimes say that they are weather resistant or shower proof or something along those lines, it is usually better to take precautions and add protection to them by keeping them stored in a dry place while not in use. Usually cushion covers are water proof or at least they have a Teflon protective coating to help disperse the water but it is the innards that can deteriorate when exposed to water and then when you add in the freezing temperatures it can escalate things. Summary No matter how you want to look at it, Rattan Garden Furniture is the best bet for maintenance free garden furniture that will stand the test of time. Remember to keep furniture covered when not in use for long periods of time and always make sure your cushions are stored in a safe dry place when not in use.


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