Visiting our specialist rattan showroom will give you a feel for the furniture, allow you to sit on the furniture and would really help you to visualise the furniture in your garden. Touching the materials used on the furniture gives you an idea of the quality as all weaves feel different in terms of the profile and texture! For example, our scratched textured half moon rattan weave feels very natural and has the appearance of natural rattan strands, the profile is thicker than flat weave and this provides a big impact on the design of the furniture. The premium collections feature 8.5mm thick rattan strands and the woven workmanship is evident to see in our rattan showroom. You are able to compare rattan materials, fabrics, design and construction and with all this at your disposable, you can feel comfortable that you have made the right choice. Our professional rattan furniture sales staff have many years of experience in garden furniture, but also can provide tips on which furniture items will suit you garden the best! Whether you are torn between a rattan sofa set or a rattan dining set, we can provide you with many different options to meet your exact requirements. We even have products that provide both functions and by visiting us, we are able to demonstrate this to you in person. Online, you have a feel for the design, but in real life, you will have a feel for how the furniture will look but also feel….


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