There are 4 main types of materials being used at the moment and these materials are:
  • Wood
  • Aluminium
  • Resin Moulded Plastic
  • Rattan
Some types of Garden Furniture do also use a mix of materials. For example, Rattan Garden Furniture usually has a metal from work and then the Rattan is hand woven around this framework. The prices of these types of materials can vary from fifty pounds (Resin Moulded plastic) upwards. The Resin Moulded Plastic is generally the cheapest material and is often found in super markets and DIY stores and the like. You could say that this type of garden furniture is “throw away” furniture as you use it for a short while and then get rid of it. Due to its price and structure, it isn’t something that is built to last. During the year, there are many weather fluctuations in temperature. This often caused this type of material to become brittle and will eventually break pretty easy. Wooden garden furniture has been around for many years and will still be around for many years to come. Wooden furniture has a classic look and feel to it and sometimes it just suits its surroundings better than other types of furniture. The only downside to wooden garden furniture is that it needs a lot of love and attention to keep it in tip top shape. Maintenance should be done every year to help protect the wood. Aluminium garden furniture isn’t all that new but it isn’t old either. This type of furniture can come in many shapes and styles and is relatively cheap as well. Being made of Aluminium is a bonus because it shouldn’t rust. However, with some of the Aluminium set I have come across, the screws are steel which rust over time and can cause issues in the long run. Rattan Garden Furniture is fairly new to the market but it is proving very popular as it is strong, durable and stylish. The Rattan material is a plastic base which is why it lasts so long compared to the real thing. This type of furniture also has some kind of metal frame work that the Rattan is woven around. Some of the cheaper Rattan Furniture set will use a steel framework which will rust over time where as other sets use an Aluminium framework which makes it light weight and rust resistant. As Rattan Furniture is fairly new to the market, it can be quite pricy but it is more modern and it will last much longer than most other types of Garden Furniture on the market at the moment.


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