While many will be anxious about the UK coronavirus lockdown and what the future holds, we are being a little more optimistic. Rather than spend your time worrying, we suggest taking some easy steps to make the most of your time at home with your family, as well as in the likely case that social distancing will continue for some time after the lockdown.

  1. Working at Home in Your Garden

If you are working at home during the lockdown, then working in the garden is the ideal way to enjoy the fresh air and warmer weather while fulfilling your work obligations.

  1. Make Money

Now that the spring and summer are starting, use your furniture set to be productive. There are so many things you can do on your laptop while we are isolating at home, that it is a great time to be more productive. You could use this time to look for business opportunities that you would otherwise never have the time to check out.

  1. Learn a New Skill

Imagine bettering yourself while sitting in your garden in the sunshine. There are countless tutorials on YouTube for both business and self-development. Some ideas would be to learn to use Microsoft programs such as Excel and Word, or more specific softwares such as tutorials for accounting packages or creative design. Or otherwise, with the breadth of topics on offer, you could focus on skills from self-confidence to self-hypnosis!

  1. Stay Sane in the Midst of a Crazy World

While the world outside is appearing more chaotic by the day, you can use the opportunity to chill out and sit back on your own garden sofa set, and keep your mind balanced  – this is an opportunity to slow down, which can be a welcome relief after all the years of rushing around to get to places (even rushing to get to outside places to relax!).

  1. Change Your Surroundings

Rather than sit in the living room watching TV, have a few drinks outside, or even watch Netflix on your laptop or tablet. Our rattan, rope and aluminium garden furniture are built not only to be stylish but also very comfortable, and you will find that lounging on your sofa set, whether alone or with others, will be great for your peace of mind.

  1. Spend Quality Time with your Family

Ironically, this lockdown is perhaps the best opportunity many will have had for a long time to spend quality time with your family. Spending periods of the day outside with your partner and children will bring some much needed unity to the family, and you will get to play those outdoor games with your kids that you have been promising them you will play with them for months!

All in all, although all of our current situation is not ideal, there are many ways we can make the most of it, and ensure we are best equipped to continue on as normal after the lockdown is lifted.

Stay well, relax and try to enjoy everything you can at the moment.

At featureDECO, we have taken precautions to keep our customers and staff safe during these times, and we are offering contactless deliveries so you will not need to make contact with the driver.

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