Outdoor rattan furniture out on the market is suitable for outdoor use and can be left outside all year round, however with any item of rattan furniture, keeping it covered can prevent build up of dirt clotting between the rattan weave or staining the cushions. Especially if you have problem of floating debris in the garden, a garden cover can provide the protection you rattan furniture requires. Garden furniture covers also help maintain the furniture so that it is protected to ensure maximum longevity of the furniture. The powder coated frames are venerable to flaking and if not maintained, a build up of dirt can cause the powder coating to flake. We recommend giving the furniture a good wash prior to storing it over the winter and we also recommend covering the furniture to protect the garden cushions. Fabrics can stain easily and some outdoor stains may prove a challenge to remove. Our garden covers will ensure you rattan furniture remains in the same condition as the day it was bought!


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