Generally, the answer is a no to which I explain that each unit has a certain weight to it which will help keep it in place but then the next thing I go on to explain is that there are large oversized rubber feet on the bottom which maximizes the contact patch between the floor and the units to ensure that they don’t move around. Generally, this isn’t particularly an issue at all because there are quite a few people that also put their modular sofa sets onto grassy areas. And the people that also put it on smoother solid patio areas rarely have issues with the units moving as the surface and the rubber feet still make a solid bond. These feet are normally adjustable as well so if your floor/ground is uneven, then the feet can be adjusted to make sure that the units do not rock around. Really, the only way for the units to move is if someone was to jump on the unit or put a decent amount of force into moving it. On the other hand, we are starting to see some form of connecting clips to add that extra security and peace of mind to ensure that when you have found an arrangement that you are happy with, you can add some extra security connecting clips to help lock it into position. You will start to find that many manufacturers will start to include some kind of locking mechanisms into their modular sets. Over time, this will become a standardised feature. We have also seen generic connecting clips available for your Modular Rattan Furniture set so that you can retrofit them onto the units to offer this feature, but depending on how many units you have in your modular furniture set, this method can be quite costly.


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