With this in mind winter sales are over and companies are gearing up for the next round rattan furniture battles to offer the best furniture to suit their end customers’ needs. This is one of the best times to start planning the kind of rattan furniture you want to shout out to the world that you have the best looking furniture to suit your garden. This time of the year offers insight onto the new ranges and will allow you to be one of the first to see what this year has to offer and companies are looking to take pre-orders to guarantee that you get the first batch which will give you and your garden plenty of time to get to know each other for when the summer weather finally comes around. Technically, we are still out of season and coming around to the start of the new season. For Rattan Garden Furniture, this means that although most if not all of last season’s stock has gone, there are always fantastic offer for the early buyer to get the next best thing as soon as it arrives into stock. The early bird rattan furniture deals means big discounts now and knowing that the rattan furniture you have chosen will 100% be in your garden before the sunny hot weather actually arrives. Last year we saw a massive influx of people wanting to buy outdoor garden furniture as soon as the sun comes out at its peak time and people want it now. Whereas in reality, when it comes to the hot weather things get very busy very quickly which will make our end customers life a bit harder as everyone is all looking at the same rattan furniture sets and stock levels drop at such a rate it is amazing. Combine this with the delivery companies being overloaded on delivering all of their orders and you could miss out on either have the exact rattan furniture set that you like or you could end up missing the sun and having to either spend time at the neighbour house using their nice new outdoor garden furniture or holding your heads up high and being proud of the rattan furniture you had last year. In the end, it is always advised to not leave this kind of purchase to the last minute as this will stop you from being disappointed with not having the rattan garden furniture that you want.


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