With so many different designs on the market, it is important to get your purchase right. We are featureDECO, pride ourselves on showcasing are wide range of rattan materials from flat weave to round weave rattan. Firstly, the selection of is rattan is important as outdoor rattan furniture is essentially a plastic, and some plastics are better suited outdoor applications than others. We use PE rattan on most of our ranges as this is the best in terms of durability and strength. PVC rattan is more cost-effective, however if the furniture is not covered, it can be prone to cracking with UV exposure, therefore this material is not truly all weather rattan. Why Aluminium Rattan Furniture We use aluminium on a majority of frames as this provides all weather properties. Some customers have made the mistake of steel frames in the past and if this is not maintained and treated when damaged, the powder coating that protects the steel can peel off, leaving the steel exposed to the elements. The frame further deteriorates and rust marks are evident over the rattan. There is a difference in price between different grades of rattan furniture and if chosen wisely, there is no reason why quality rattan furniture will at least 5 years. For more advance and tip, please feel free to call us for further information.


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