We have seen the introduction of different colours whether it be a different blend of a popular colour or a different mix of colours as well as the shape of the Rattan Furniture itself. You can now find more curvy rattan furniture sets on the market compared to a few years ago when you could only get the blocky type furniture which is still a very popular shape to have. The New Year is looking to be a game changer with manufacturers being much more flexible in what they can do in regards to design. As the price of the construction and the price of the rattan materials falls, we are seeing more complex designs coupled with a wider range of colour combinations to go with it as well. We are also going to see more mixed weave rattan material types such as the mix of a flat weave and a round weave. If the combinations are done correctly then this creates a look that not only looks exquisite but gives its more of a luxurious feel to it too. As I mentioned earlier we would be seeing more colours and this also includes textures too. Adding a texture to the Rattan Weave adds a whole new level of making the furniture fell more natural to touch. By adding a texture you are also changing the way it looks as well. Often a texture will take the plastic looking shine out of the rattan weave which makes it look like the real rattan weave. So this year we will see better quality rattan at lower prices with even more features and even more combinations to pick and choose from. This should mean that you the end customer will get a better deal and get something that your neighbours don’t have. Think about it, you want to have the same furniture as your neighbours but you also don’t want to be a sheep and copy them exactly so stand out from the crowd and get something better that has a more personalised look and feel to it. So when you are looking for rattan garden furniture in this New Year, think outside the box and let your imagination run wild.


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