You’ve browsed the internet in the hope of a fantastic deal for a rattan furniture set to fill a neglected space in your garden and after searching for hours and hours, you find out that there are so many options available. The list is endless with features such as PE, PU, PVC, steel frames, aluminium frames, showerproof cushions, water proof cushions, 1 year warranty, 2 year and 5 years. Then you have different designs, colours, finishes and then you look for service, reputation from the supplier, etc all factors in making that all important decision. Having browsed all evening, you come across a fantastic product that looks almost similar to a more expensive model in design but at a low price. You think they must be a buying high volume to offer such a great deal so you look to pounce, however you feel this sounds too good to be true. And yes you are right, reading the description in detail you find out it is steel frames with powder coating. Now what happens when the coating weathers away, your left with a steel frame which exposed to the elements and will begin to rust. We have some images from customers from 7 years ago in our archive showing the effects of rusting on the frame and it is not a pretty site and sooner or later this will affect the structural performance of the furniture. We used to supply this around 7 years ago when rattan furniture for outdoor use was relatively new, but moved to aluminium in around 6 years ago due to these issues. We want customers to have quality products that last and steel was not an option even though it is much cheaper to buy. A steel frame is almost 20-30% cheaper to make than an aluminium frame, so there you go, the fantastic deal will not last too long once it is out in the elements. At featureDECO, we pride ourselves on quality as the one of the first importers and designers of our own collection of rattan furniture. All our frames are aluminium so you can be assured that the furniture will not fail.


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