Over the winter, we have been researching exactly what our customer want from their rattan furniture. This is critical for us so that we can design the perfect furniture ranges to suit everyone as best as we can. This year we are putting an emphasis on comfort. Our cushions are going to be thinker to offer more comfortable seating arrangements and for prolonged lounging on them too. Not only this, but we are overhauling some of our sets to accommodate taller people with higher back rests and deeper seating areas. We also have some more tweaks to our colour ranges to make the colours contrast more. Our mixed brown rattan for instance will have more blends of brown to give a better colour range and contrast between the lightest brown and the darkest brown to highlight how well mixed colours actually look when done right. Our mixed colour ranges will highlight and give a more natural look and feel to the furniture sets. We found that when we used just one static colour, it didn't look right in some colours but we found that the charcoal black colour that we used was a bit hit. We are also keeping our textured weave which eliminates the smooth shiny plastic looking weave. This will make our rattan furniture ranges look and feel like the genuine rattan. We are also trying out a few new ranges to add to our collection which will give you a bridge between the flat weave rattan and the round weave rattan. It will be very exciting to see how our customers will enjoy our new designs. So far we have had fantastic feedback on our new ranges and we hope to expand on this and make some final tweaks. Our new range of weave has already shown that people are very interested in it which has given us more confidence to work on more designs. The new designs will have features woven into the weave to produce very sleek looking curves and edges that will be highlighted to bring out the best possible looking furniture set that will dazzle everyone that see it. Once our rattan furniture arrives in March, it is sure to be a massive hit as people are already starting to place pre-orders for our ranges already.


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