This is where our parasols come into play. Parasols come in many different designs and have many different features to consider. Not only does size need to be considered, but also the materials it is made of will play somewhat of an important part. Generally, the size of the parasol will range from 1.2m to 3.5m in size. Then you will have either a round, square or rectangular shape. As for materials, there are usually either wooden parasols or metal parasols (Aluminum, Steel, Stainless etc). When using a parasol in conjunction with some furniture, there will always be somewhat of a weak spot where the parasol starts to protrude from the furniture; it can only take a breeze and the parasol can bend or break around this area. So caution is advised when using in these kinds of weather conditions. Keeping it clean Over time, parasols will get dirty during usage. When it comes to keeping it clean, make sure that it is stored in a safe dry place especially when not in use for prolonged times. Simply make sure there is no debris on the parasol canopy itself so remove any leaves, twigs, and berries etc with a soft brush or by hand. Ensure that you are gentle as you do not want to damage the canopy. Most parasols will allow for you to remove the canopy which will allow for you to machine wash the canopy or at least you will be able to hand wash it thoroughly. When you are done cleaning it, it is usually best to put the canopy back onto the parasol frame and then let it dry (weather permitting). The reason for this is that depending on the canopy material, there can be a small amount of shrinkage which can prove difficult to put back onto the parasol frame when it is completely dry. When it comes to cleaning the parasol frame, usually you can get a damp cloth and wipe it over as the parasol frame doesn’t normally get that much dirt on it. Make sure it is stored in a dry place so that the material/coatings do not fade or get damaged and everything will be good to go.


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