As the New Year is coming up pretty quick, we are looking ahead and we have already got our designers working on some new ranges for us and production on some of these have already started (Exciting times). The new ranges offer some sleek lines and sexy curves that will compliment any garden and its surroundings. Not only are the new ranges updated and has features like no other furniture pieces before it, but we are also experimenting with colours at the same time. Not only will we have different coloured Rattan, but we are also looking at offering different colour cushions so that it will add to your customisation and make your rattan garden furniture set that little bit more unique by offering these different colour combinations. Although we are working hard on our new ranges, we are not neglecting our current ranges which are still popular and will still continue to be popular. Sometimes the older classics are more suited to different gardens types and different people go for different styles. Some people prefer the blocky styled garden furniture where as other people prefer something a bit more curvy. And then you have the people that like the wacky abstract garden furniture which take it to a whole new level. Our researchers have been looking at popular trends of recent and it does appear that people are going curvy. Curvy seems to be the in thing and the curvy style is also very good to work with and produces some very comfortable seating arrangements that will allow for anyone to sit comfortably for hours on end. Don’t forget that you can pick up some great deals for new Rattan Garden Furniture sets in the New Year. Websites will be updated with new products, prices, images and much more information so that you can make an informed decision on your purchase. Keep in mind to look out for any due dates and expected delivery dates as many suppliers start or aim to bring in the bulk of their stock around March/April time as usually around this time the sun is trying to come out and it is starting (fingers crossed) to warm up.


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