However, you finally found the perfect set that you had your heart set on only to find that you cannot get your hands on it as it has sold out or it is over budget. Make your gardens New Year’s resolution to get the perfect rattan furniture set to truly bring out the “oomph” so that you can show off to the neighbours. So far, this year has been pretty good weather wise. So far we haven’t had any snow and the rain has held off revelling quite a bit of sun during the day times. Granted it is still very cold and you need to wrap up warm but the sun is the sun. It’s bright and gives out the necessary Vitamin D that is very much needed especially this time of the year. Anyway, start consulting with your garden and start looking for the perfect rattan furniture set that will get you all set up ready for when it gets warm and we are able to be outdoors in the shorts and t-shirt. Assess the available area that you have then decide on what type of furniture will suit this area but keep in mind as to what you will actually be using the area for. Example being, are you looking to dine or lounge in this area or both? You will either be looking at a rattan sofa set, rattan dining set or a rattan cube set. The sofa set and dining set is pretty self explanatory whereby you will be lounging on a comfortable sofa set or dining on a classic styled dining set but what is this cube option? The rattan cube sets can bridge the gap but does require quite a bit of room. The cube takes the best of both worlds and combines them into a neat little package. You take the sofas from the one set and the table from the other set and put them together. This will create the compact cube effect so when not in use, everything will neatly tuck into itself to leave the cube shape on display. If you have a lot of room you can pull away the sofas into another part of the garden and store the table out the way and you have yourself a lounger set. This is useful for many reasons, but it does compromise on some aspects of each. Some rattan cube sets might be a little less comfortable to lounge on because they have been tweaked to make it more comfortable to dine on instead. Similar goes for the dining set whereby the table height may have been adjusted which may be a little uncomfortable when dining for prolonged periods of time but makes the sofas more comfortable to lounge on, it is a friendly compromise to get the best to suit your needs. Whatever you do decide to choose make sure you really like it and don’t just settle for anything as you should only have the best for your garden.


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