Many people, mainly millennials, have taken up gardening during the coronavirus pandemic. While those living in apartments grow plants in pots and planters, others grow blooming flowers and herbs in their gardens. With so much time on their hands because of the lockdown, many homeowners have started beautifying their gardens in various ways.

These ways include adding in ponds, wall planters, new lights, and purchasing new garden furniture.

Since most of us have been sequestered in our homes for the past year, we’ve all been dying to meet up with our families and friends. However, since the threat of the coronavirus still hangs over us, how can we eschew safety precautions and meet up?

With the help of a garden, of course! Are you curious as to why we say that? Let’s dive in, then!


Why Having A Well-Tended Garden Is Important To See Your Family And Friends

The past year has not been easy on us. Many of us have been separated from our loved ones for a very long time, while some have been unable to travel due to the restrictions. Because of this distance, it has been nearly impossible for most people to socialise.

While it may not occur to most people, but a garden is a solution to every one of their needs right now.

So, how can a garden help you reunite with your loved ones?


1. The Open Air Decreases Risk Of Transmission

While nearly 90% of the adult population of the United Kingdom have at least had a first dose of the vaccine, it is still important to exercise caution as far as the virus is concerned. If you really want to meet up with your family and friends, you should invite them over to your garden for a cup of tea or some scones.

Since most scientists say that the risk of the transmission of the virus is much lesser in the open air, you should reunite with your loved ones among your lush green plants under the open sky.

In addition, this option is also a godsend for immunocompromised people who don’t wish to risk the transmission of the coronavirus even if they are vaccinated.


2. The Fresh Air Will Improve The Mood

The pandemic has been harsh on almost everyone. Some people lost their loved ones, others lost their jobs, and some people had to turn down some exciting opportunities. Because of this, your reunion may not be a very cheery affair.

However, you can change that by hosting a meetup in your garden. The sun, the swaying trees, and the comfortable garden furniture will definitely get everyone in the mood for a good get-together. We’ve been eyeing this canopied rattan garden furniture set for a while now for this exact purpose!


3. It Will Motivate You To Remodel Your Garden

Most of us are guilty of not paying enough attention to our gardens. Our plants are poorly watered, our garden furniture is old and dusty, and our fence needs a splash of paint. However, with the hustle-bustle of our daily lives, it is nearly impossible to find the time to work on it.

If you start inviting people over for a barbeque or even a cup of tea to your garden, you’ll be motivated to take better care of it. Who knows, maybe you’ll even throw out your dusty, moth-eaten sofa and replace it with a trendy metallic garden set that will definitely impress your neighbours.


4. It’s A Great Place To Take Pictures

Ever wonder how people get those perfect sun-kissed selfies in their homes while you stand in your window all day but can’t get them? They take them in the garden, of course!

By inviting your friends over to your garden and taking pictures in the sun, you’ll get those perfect golden hour selfies too. Just make sure that you’ve beautified your garden. You don’t want patchy grass or faded garden furniture to ruin your favourite selfie, do you?

In addition, your enticing cheeseboard or plate of baked goods will look much more aesthetically pleasing if you have a new table to put them on. What do you say to this outdoor aluminium dining set?


5. It Will Encourage Your Children To Spend Time Outdoors

Since the coronavirus pandemic began, most children have been glued to their tablets, laptops, and phones. Whatever you say cannot convince them to leave their devices and get some fresh air. However, there’s one way you can achieve this.

We all know that children imitate adults. If you host a garden party or a barbeque in your garden, you’ll see that your child will drop their tablets and head out too. If nothing else, they surely won’t be able to resist the smell of burgers being grilled outside!

These are ways your garden will help you reconnect with your family and friends after the lockdown. Do you have anything you can add to the list?


How You Can Impress Visitors With Your Refurbished Garden

Most people spent a lot of their lockdown time working on their gardens. Some people dabbled in do-it-yourself projects such as digging a pond in their garden, while others invested in some beautiful garden furniture.

If you’ve visited other people’s homes and felt envious of their gardens, it’s time to redo yours. So, what are some ways in which you can beautify your garden? Let’s find out.


1. Pay Attention To Your Plants

Your garden plants need your care and attention to bloom. If you spend time understanding their needs and issues, you’ll have the healthiest garden in no time. If you’ve never had any experience with plants before, plenty of helpful gardening blogs will be able to help you.

Venture into the world of gardening by researching what grows in what season, how you can protect your plants from the heat and the cold, how you can decrease the incidence of weeds and pests, and what practices will make your soil healthier.


2. Change Your Garden Furniture

The only way to completely change what your garden looks like is by changing your garden furniture. If you plan to host many get-togethers in your garden, you should definitely invest in some new waterproof, dust-proof outdoor furniture sets.

In addition, you can even have breakfast or tea outside with your family if you have a garden set to sit on. The possibilities are endless!


3. Install Some New Light Fixtures

The market is filled to the brim with trendy light fixtures for your garden. You can choose between eclectic geometric lights or simple naked bulbs that will give your garden a rustic feel. You can also install fairy lights around your garden to make it look like something out of a fairytale.

These new lights will make your garden more picturesque while also providing you with the light that you’ll need to have a cosy evening under the stars.


4. Get Some New Planters

If you have a small garden, you can modify it by adding some wall planters. You can plant some beautiful flowers in them, and soon your walls will be covered in bright summer blooms. If you already have wall planters, be sure to paint them in bright colours to add some cheer.


5. Construct A Canopy Or Gazebo

If you have a lot of space and don’t know what to do with it, you should definitely think about getting a gazebo or canopy. These additions to your garden will occupy some space, provide you with shade and look very charming. Add in some breezy curtains, and your garden will definitely look like a scene from a movie.

Well, these were some additional tips that we had in mind for you to make your garden look like something out of a movie set this summer. Did it give you any inspiration?



It is very time-consuming but rewarding to take care of your garden. You can use it to grow your produce, invite your friends over for tea without risking exposure to the coronavirus and help your children burn off some energy by playing in it.

In the pandemic and ensuring lockdown, it has become evident that everyone needs to have a functional and beautiful garden to meet up with their family and friends easily. Well-tended gardens with comfortable garden furniture also have many other uses, as illustrated in this article.

So, have we managed to convince you to invest in some new garden furniture and planters? Let us know!



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