Get the whole family together and start working on different DIY projects for a fun and wonderful way to start new family traditions for this time of year. Browse through home décor magazines or look on-line for inspiration. There are so many tutorials out there that it is impossible not to find one (or too many) to your liking! DIY Christmas Garlands and Wreaths You can look up tutorials in magazines and on the internet on how to make your own Christmas garlands and wreaths. They add that magical touch to your garden or home entrance and set you in the mood for holidays the minute you see them! - All you need to do is buy any plain natural or artificial pine garlands and simply add your favourite colourful ribbons, baubles or Christmas lights for the wow-factor. Image 1 source   - For Christmas wreaths, get a wire circle (or any other shape for that matter) and weave the pine garlands on top. There are no instructions, all you need to do is get the materials and colours you like and start weaving away. Let your imagination run wild and include other materials such as ribbons or baubles. Image 2 source Image 3 source     Alternatively, there are plenty already-made ones; but where’s the fun in that? DIY Christmas Displays Details matter! Why not spruce up your Christmas table, window sills or porch with some colourful Christmas displays? Here’s the easiest way to do it: Firstly, get your hands on some interesting containers: they can be made out of glass or transparent plastic if you want them to be see-through or metal or rattan if you need something more resilient. Then start decorating and remember that the only rule is to have fun! There are several ways you can do this: - You can use natural elements for that traditional Christmas feel such as pine cones, fir branches and cranberries to fill your container. - For extra colour add some Christmas baubles in red, green or gold (it’s advised to stick to plastic ones which can stand the temperature changes). - If a modern Christmas is more your cup of tea, why not add bold colours such as blue, fuchsia or even black or silver. If you want to give your garden a festive look, think of flower or plant arrangements. It’s the same as making flower centrepieces for your Christmas table, only on a bigger scale. Use big vases or containers from resistant materials that withstand changing weather conditions. Add fir branches, pinecones and cranberries for colour. These are naturally accustomed to cold temperatures so they will last throughout the holidays without a problem. Be creative and think big (the last thing you want is to spend hours on an arrangement that is so small in your garden that no one will notice it). Tips: - For a more festive look add colourful ribbons and baubles to your arrangements. -You can also add some Christmas lights for a magical feeling during those dark and cold winter evenings. Lights and candles: There are many ways to light up your Christmas. You can hang Christmas lights in your trees, around your fence or your porch balustrade or around your windows. If you want to protect the environment, replace lights for candles. Buy candle holders that are designed for the outdoors, that way you are sure that the wind will not blow the flame away. Get big, bulky candles and put them inside and choose strategic spots that will show off your entrance in the most flattering way.     For more visuals, why not check our pinterest account? We’ve had a look around on the internet and already pinned some of our favourite decorations ideas.


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