Whilst it is easy to think of buying a garden sofa set as an expense, it is better looked at as an investment. We are all so used to going out to find our enjoyment and entertainment, but with a comfortable garden furniture set which you can spread out on to lounge and relax, you can actually save a fair amount of money.

Here are some of the main ways you can have more money in your account at the end of each month than you otherwise would have:

  1. Spend Less Going to Pubs and Bars

Your rattan sofa set will give you a perfect retreat in your own home, so that you can spend less money on going out for alcohol, by enjoying your time in your own garden. The more intimate atmosphere also allows you to talk more openly and feel closer to your family and friends than when you are out in public.


  1. Spend Less on Taxi Fares

Leading on from the above, if you are free to enjoy your evenings at home with your garden sofa or dining set, you will no longer need to spend on taxis to bring you home after a drink. This also means less time and stress finding and waiting for taxis, which means you will have more time to connect with your partner or children. When you are finished socialising on your set, you will be able to roll straight back into the house!


  1. Save Money on Outdoor Activities and Excursions

Once you have a pleasant space in your garden with a comfortable garden furniture set, you will be able to save a bit of money that you used to spend on many outdoor excursions or activities. Your family will be able to take advantage of your own garden space, and your kids will start to get used to spending time outside again, rather than on the X-Box! This is especially true if you are spending time outside yourselves with the children.


  1. Spend Less on Eating Out

With our rattan sofa dining sets, you can eat in your own garden or conservatory, in your own unique space rather than going out to restaurants. With our rattan fire pit table sets plus grill, you can even barbecue your food in the centre of your dining or coffee table,


  1. Value for Money

At featureDECO, we have some of the very best prices in the UK for the quality we offer (look around, focusing on quality, and you will see what we mean):

- We use PE-rattan (the most durable rattan), so your set will last longer, meaning you will keep more of your hard-earned cash than by buying lower quality alternatives.


- All of our sets have aluminium frames, so they will not rust, which means no ugly brown stains coming through to the surface of the set, and the frame not weakening over time.


- All of our sets have thick, showerproof cushions, so they are more comfortable than others to start, and they remain comfortable going forward, meaning you can spend long periods sitting out on the furniture, giving you a great opportunity to deepen your relationships with your friends and family.


- Our rattan, rope and aluminium furniture units are weather-resistant, so you can leave them outside throughout the year, meaning you don’t have to stress about keeping them safe from the elements to make sure you still have a great set for the years to come. The cushions are showerproof, and these are the only things you need to store inside either the garage or shed when it rains more and through the winter.


- Most of our sets offer great versatility, where most of our dining sets also come with a coffee table to switch to a conversation set, many can be converted into daybeds for real relaxation, and we also have a great selection of modular sets, meaning they can be arranged into several configurations, so you can buy just one set instead of 2 or 3 to suit different purposes or occasions.


If you are looking for a great investment, that not only will save you money in all the ways above, but also give you an amazing rattan garden furniture set for you to enjoy your home more, check out our range of rattan garden furniture here.



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