What type of furniture to buy for your conservatory:

Our rattan garden furniture sets are perfect to use both outside and inside. They are ideal for conservatories as they are light weight which makes them easy to move them around any time you want to change the décor. They are also little to no maintenance because they are made out of synthetic rattan which means that you won’t have to worry about the colour fading away, the wicker cracking or other wear and tear signs you would see with other types of furniture made out of natural materials.

Always opt for top quality rattan conservatory furniture sets. Whether it is a small rattan sofa set or a large rattan dining set, make sure to check and research the type of materials used. Furniture is an investment so it should last you for a very long time.

Another important factor is comfort, always check if the set comes with cushions included and if it does, make sure to check the thickness of the cushion. The thicker the cushion, the more comfortable the set will be. Your conservatory will be a space of relaxation, be it mediation or fun gatherings, so make sure to include the comfort factor when purchasing rattan conservatory furniture.

Small four piece rattan sofa sets are a popular option for decorating conservatories. We offer an exceptional range of rattan garden furniture sets that are certain to become the centre of attention in your conservatory.

What colours to use in your conservatory:

There should be continuity between the décor style you use in your house and the one you use in your conservatory. The easiest way to do that is to use common elements throughout both.  Whether it is a certain colour for the walls or accessories, flooring material or carpets, make sure you have a repetition of your favourite colour that connects the two spaces.

Here are the different colours of rattan we offer for our range of rattan garden furniture sets:

- Neutral colours are the best choice when decorating your conservatory as they reflect the natural light from outside and intensify the outdoor feeling. If you choose rattan conservatory furniture there is a variety of colours and tones to choose from that will complement your conservatory.

- Add some accessories in bright colours as accents to make the place feel more lively: light blues, greens and turquoise help you get that seaside feeling.

- Alternatively, stick with natural colour and pair them with deeper, warmer tones like dark brown to give it more elegance.

- For a more modern feel, opt for grey and black rattan garden furniture sets.

- For a touch of warmth use accessories in tones of yellow, orange and red.

What accessories to get for your conservatory:

Accessories are also important when you decorate your conservatory. You can use potted plants to get that perfect balance between the indoors and outdoors and bring nature inside your conservatory. However, traditional home accessories like candles, photo frames and paintings can also work well in your conservatory.

Now on to more practical issues! During the cold months, the conservatory will be slightly chilly as well. If you still plan on spending time in it, invest in cosy blankets and pillows to make the space warmer and your rattan furniture sofa sets more inviting. A thick carpet is always a good idea to make the conservatory  warmer and cosier during the winter months. Think of your colour scheme when purchasing accessories and try to stick with it. Also always bear in mind the colour of your rattan furniture set and make sure it matches your other items for consistency.



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