Here are a few reasons as to why flat pack rattan garden furniture should be avoided where possible. Poor Structure & Build The structure and build quality pose a major problem in outdoor flat pack sofas. Outdoor Sofa’s have a lot of weight applied on the fixing over time and eventually fixing weather and combined with weathering, the fixing will deteariate. Also rust is major problem and this will eventually wear out the components on the furniture. Another major problem is unstable furniture due to wobbly units where items are fixed with nuts and bolts. A fully welded construction does not encounter the problems mentioned and this is why flat-pack furniture is never warranted for more than 12 months. Flat-pack is only really suitable for tables and coffee tables which have low weight application. Poor Material Quality in Outdoor Sofas Most flat pack sofas utilise poor quality iron or steel frames which are prone to rust and will eventually rust overtime, PVC rattan which will split in a couple of years and low grade 180g sofa fabric which is not really suitable for outdoor conditions. Our quality furniture has highly durable PE rattan and rust-proof aluminium frames. Assembly Problems The process of construction and assembly is a disadvantage. For anyone not practically-minded following the sometimes-complicated assembly instructions of flat pack furniture presents a problem. A single sofa will consist of 4 parts, the base, the arms and the back support. It’s also worth considering the time assembly will take, if you’re buying flat pack for the convenience in delivery or cheaper price, you’ll have to offset that against the time it will take you to put the item together in your home. Poor Finishing and Seams on the Furniture The problem is seams are evident on the product which spoils the aesthetic appeal of the product in comparison to products which have no assembly. Thin Rattan Weaves utilised in Flat Pack Rattan Sofas Flat pack furniture lacks the more elaborate and impressive flourishes of furniture items made by skilled individual weavers as a majority of flat pack furniture is machine made. Machines can only work with thin weaves and run a simple pattern, whereas handmade woven items can be woven with any size material. Summary

From our experience of supplying both kinds of furniture, we believe although there are cost-savings in flat pack furniture, the problems with instability, structural deterioration, poor product finishing and poor materials utilised means these type of sets will cause problems from the start. Seated furniture is simply not suitable in flat pack format. If you require something for a couple of years, then you can get by, but for true all weather furniture, it is best avoided.  


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