Well if you have a nice area in your garden whether it is on the corner of your lawn or on a dedicated patio area, you should defiantly look at Rattan Sofa Sets to fill the area that you have. Sofa sets can give you the most comfortable lounging experience that you will thoroughly enjoy and will enjoy for prolonged periods of time. Rattan Sofa Sets come in a variety of combinations such as:
  • Modular sofa sets (Each seat is its own entity which can be moved into any position)
  • Corner sofa sets (Generally comes in a “L Shape” and has less combinations)
  • Classic sofa sets (Usually includes 4 pieces – Sofa/Chairs/Coffee Table)
These are the main types of rattan sofa sets on the market and will offer you many features for fantastic competitive prices. Sofa sets are always a safe choice to pick from and each with their own pros and cons which I will hopefully be able to tell you next. Modular Sofa Sets This type of sofa set is the most versatile sofa set to have. The main reason is that each seat is an individual unit which means that you can not only change the shape of it but you can always add and/or remove from it to give you different combinations of seating arrangements. Essentially, you can redesign your garden every week to make it look like a new sofa set. You are only limited by the space you have when choosing this type of sofa set. On the odd occasion, some of the units can always move out of position due to each unit being individual, but now we are starting to see mechanisms which allow you to lock the units into position therefore eliminating this issue. Corner Sofa Sets This type of sofa is normally a fixed shape such as the classic “L Shape” and it usually has a large rounded corner unit that forms the heel of the “L Shape” which not only make the sofa set more attractive, but it makes that corner section much more useable for people sitting on it. If you look at the modular sofa sets, they are often blocky in design which can waste the use of that corner seat which can be uncomfortable to sit on. The corner sofa sets are normally accompanied by a left and right handed sofa to form the rest of the “L Shape” sofa set. You can combine both the corner and the modular sofa sets into one great big sofa set which will give you the best combinations possible and the ability to further extend you furniture in many different ways. Classic Sofa Sets This type of sofa set will give you a more classic style and offers more shape/size variants to each unit. The reason for this is because the units do not have to line up or be modular in design which leads to some creative design work to give you something truly unique and stunning. This type often consists of a two or three seater sofa, two single armchairs and a coffee table and/or a footstool. This combination is not a versatile as the previous two types but still offers something that the other don’t and will never go out of fashion. These types of sofa sets and not exclusive to rattan but generally in this day and age, these types of sofa sets have proved to be a popular choice within the rattan garden sections and has started to branch out into other types of furniture in general, and because of how strong and durable rattan furniture is, it makes sense for manufactures to experiment with their designs on rattan and then branch out the designs that work into other material types. So with all this in mind, the question you need to ask yourself is; what type of rattan sofa set am I looking for?


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