The UK lockdown may be causing anxiety and stress if you can't find anything interesting to do. You may be surprised but doing nothing can cause physically stress as well as emotional tiredness. We have put together a few quick ideas to get you through the UK lockdown and destress yourself.

#1 Binge-watch

TV and Web-series are awesome ways to destress yourself in the coronavirus lockdown. There are thousands of web-series available for you to watch, and this is the ideal time to catch up on those shows you never have time to watch when you’re working all week. Netflix, Amazon Prime and Now TV have hundreds of series in all categories. Whether you love comedy or you are looking to watch some romantic shows, everything is available online. In the same way, you can also watch some of your favorite Hollywood movies or Youtube videos to refresh your mind.

#2 Develop your hobbies

Remember all those hobbies that you couldn't do due on your tight work schedule? Now, you can enjoy doing all those things. It can be painting, playing guitar, or dancing – you could easily do all those things during this lockdown period. Shifting your mind by doing something you love will remove the stress from your mind and body. If you don’t have any hobbies, then this is surely the best time you have had in years to take one up, whether artistic, musical, or even educational, such as learning a language. Simply head over to YouTube or Google, and you will find loads you can learn while keeping to the social distancing rules.

#3 Just Relax

You don't always need to do something to destress yourself. You can just have a glass of your favorite drink and relax on the rattan garden sofa set, especially now that summer is approaching. No matter how much of an extrovert you are, there will be a time where you have wanted some time to yourself. This is an amazing chance to do so. You can also try meditating to relax and calm your mind. Just sit on your rattan garden sofa set or any other comfortable place and concentrate on breathing. The benefits of meditation are well known and documented, and include health improvements as well as better focus and concentration, and a deeper understanding of your life and work.

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#4 Talk to your friends and extended family

UK lockdown doesn't mean you can't talk to your friends. You won't be able to go out but you can surely have a group video call or simply an audio call to destress. There are numerous apps for this for multiple households to have joint video calls, such as, Skype, the House Party app, among others. You could also choose to play some games via video call. Chatting with your friends on the phone can also be an option if you don't want to have a video call. Or for some, you may choose to play multiplayer online games with your squad to relieve stress and keep regular contact with others.


#5 Take a Walk

Although due to social distancing rules, we are limited to taking one walk for exercise a day, it is important that you do take this opportunity. Not only will it mean getting some much-needed fresh air, but also to get some exercise, as sitting in the house all day will obviously not be great for your overall health. You may even choose to supplement their daily walk with walking or running in laps around the garden, or setting up another exercise routine (e.g. set yourself a number of sit-ups, press-ups and squats to do in both the morning and evening, and stick to this each day. Just remember that keeping some form of exercise going is vital to keeping good bodily as well as mental health.



To conclude, these are just a few ways to destress during the coronavirus lockdown. Lastly, have enough sleep and eat healthily, it will automatically keep your mind refreshed. Be positive, stay safe, and enjoy some quality time with your family without worrying about anything that is beyond your control.




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